Q: Are your reviews a joke or are you serious?
A: Let’s just say I’m either focusing on the negatives, or joking completely. I might be serious if I really do hate the show.

Q: Why do you review anime you don’t like?
A: It’s my job to trash-talk these crappy shows.

Q: You were doing more positive reviews on your old youtube channel, such as the Clannad Movie review. Why don’t you keep doing that?
A: Because it was boring.

Q: I don’t agree with you on one or more of your reviews!
A: Tell that to someone who cares. I’m just doing my job.

Q: What reviews are planned?
A: I tried to do an Elfen Lied review, but I dunno… I’ll get to that one at one point.

Q: Were you ever asked any of these questions, or did you just want to answer these things?
A: The latter, LOL!

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